product assessment

CreateColours works as a preferred Service Partner for the International company Lionbridge based in Ireland.

Projects include: Assessment of new applications for the Mobile industry. Work with mobile carriers on the German market: Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, E-Plus – Product launches with Microsoft (Windows Live), Nokia (Music Store).

Lionbridge (Nasdaq: LIOX) is the world’s leading provider of translation and localization services. Lionbridge helps global companies meet their customers’ language and cultural preferences by adapting a wide range of deliverables including products, documentation, Web sites, software, marketing materials, multimedia, training and eLearning content.

CreateColours works as a partner for the International company Andovar with Headquarters in Singapore.

Projects include: Localisation of communication services for the global market.

Andovar was formed in 2006 by the joining together of localization and audio/video professionals from three continents who saw a gap in the market for the localization of complex and media-rich products. Andovar’s team is made up of talented technicians, linguists and managers from around the world. Together they share a combination of skill sets and experience rarely found in one place.

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