All prices listed here are given to you as an information. We are happy to discuss with you any price upon your specific task and budget.

Outsourced marketing

You have to concentrate on sales to make your business running but need at the same time marketing strategies and an operational support? A solution for you on a monthly basis, for a minimum of 3 months, otherwise you won’t start to see the benefits of the campaigns nor their implementation.

Services include:

  • A marketing professional (on site when needed)
  • Marketing plan including market and competitive intelligence and strategy
  • Implementation through 2 campaigns, unlimited copywriting
  • 1 monthly meeting depending on days of work per week, including reporting through project management tools

Costs: from 300 € per day for a minimum of 15 days over 3 months

International product launch

Project includes:

  • A marketing professional (on site when needed)
  • A situation analysis meeting
  • Product/service launch process including planning upon technical constraints, marketing and sales operations and marketing material support (copywriting)
  • Agreement on objectives, outcomes and deadlines
  • Progress meetings using project management tools

Costs: Vary upon process needed, length, number of campaigns and frequencies

Marketing coaching

Project includes:

  • A marketing professional at your service online, or on-site or via Skype
  • Agenda defined and agreed before the meeting
  • Brainstorming on your issues to solve them

Costs: from 150 € per hour

Copywriting online

  • Online creative slogans and catchphrases: on 3 social media tools 4 days per week for a month: 100 €
  • Website design, content and structure: from 1.000 €
  • Presentations: 300 € for a presentation for 1 day work
  • Direct Mail: 400 € per mail
  • Newsletters: 300 € per newsletter with a minimum of 6 newsletters over 6 months
  • Company Profile: 300 € on social media tools

Online campaigns

Project includes:

  • Set up per campaign, including keyword listing and selection, advertising preparation and editing, setting up and placing campaign
  • Monitoring the ongoing campaign – including weekly monitoring and monthly reports; editing when required. Campaigns should run for a minimum of 3 months to be effective and ensure continuity.

Costs: Set-up 550 € – Monitoring: from 1.000 € per month

Social media marketing

Project includes:

  • Define objectives, strategy and plan and frequency over the next 6 months
  • Creative slogans
  • Articles in forum

Costs: Strategy and planning: 300 € – Creative slogans: see at copywriting – 1 article in forum: 300 €

Copywriting printed material

  • Data sheet: 400 €
  • White papers: to be determined upon days of work
  • Competitive analysis: to be determined upon days of work
  • Return on investment reports: to be determined upon days of work
  • Company profile: to be determined upon days of work

Strategic alliances

Project includes:

  • Suggestion of at least 3 strategic potential partners: 600 € per partner
  • Partnership marketing activities plan and follow up: to be determined upon activities

CreateColours will receive a 3% commission on sales generated by the alliances


Engage in CreateColours’ reference program, successfully recommend CreateColours’ services to a company and win:

A free website audit
A SWOT analysis
Any other marketing activity of your choice for a value of 400 € as per our prices listed on this page

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