win win

Refer CreateColours’ marketing services to a company you know and win:

    • A free website audit: CreateColours website audit provides an objective and professional review of your website looking at those critical points:
      • Content
      • Design
      • Search engine friendliness
      • Accessibility
      • Usability
      • Localisation
      • Data privacy

CreateColours will rate those points on a scale from 1 to 10 and will provide you with a short professional advice, based on the wording and appropriate content to your target group, rather than just only looking at the technical side of it (SEO). Ranking is certainly very important for being found, but if the clicks on your website don’t convert into leads, what is the whole purpose of being ranked at the top?

  • or a SWOT Analysis
  • or any CreateColours’ marketing service of your choice (for a value of 400 €)

Conditions to win a free website audit or a SWOT analysis or a CreateColours’ marketing service of your choice (value 400€):

  1. Company X contacts CreateColours and clearly refers to your company
  2. Company X is interested in CreateColours’ marketing services and will sign up for a service in the next 2 months (not limited to the cost of the service, in other words, the smallest contract can do)
  3. The free service won will start at the signature of the contract between CreateColours and Company X

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