Happy New Days!!!

ImageYou’ve read by now tons of predictions for 2013, trends based on past years and last year. Only, all that is based on the time the human being has defined on his own, from the very first second we can “touch”, feel, to the century you cant even touch on your own. Why that? Do we need to measure the time to better control it? To feel reassured? To live with, to make plans, to conclude from the experience made if this “time” was “good” or “bad”?

All this thinking process is purely theoretical dear friend, since the first second you count is a human invention. What is “good”, what is “bad”, what is “extremely good”, to you, to your family, acquaintance, for the humanity?

The maybe only thing we could consider is love. Love just drives respect and peace. All around is pure human invention, comes and goes, only an intrinsic value, including time.

Don’t try to catch the time, you’ll never catch this hypothetical thing, never, no matter how best you measure it. Better build on your feelings, walk on the path of your heart, you’ll never make something wrong and you’ll never have regrets later on.

Lets believe the essence of our hearts is “good”, and it will be good, as simply as that 🙂

Happy New Days!!!


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