“Don’t do what you love”, and I say no…

(Reuters) – Making what you love into your actual work can inspire great dedication and a sense of meaning, but sometimes that passion can make you miserable, or worse, says Harvard Business Review.

Let me take the 3 HBR statements one by one and discuss:

“1. It’s not your strength. You may love to do something you are just not good at. Because it can be hard to self-assess, ask for frank feedback from those around you to know where your strengths are.”

When you love something, you might be bad at the beginning but then and very quickly you become a master in that field just because you love what you do and you spend most of your time concentrating on what you love 🙂

It is indeed hard to self-assess, but you don’t need to since you do something with passion, your passion just transgresses all barriers and is perceived as very positive at the other end, you just motivate people with what you do. It is just like an actor performance…

“2. You’re too emotionally attached. Passion may cloud your judgment. When you care deeply about something, it can be hard to be take criticism or let others get involved.”

Again, passion clouds your judgment indeed but you don’t need to judge yourself at this stage but rather enjoy performing what you do love.

Criticism is always a difficult thing to accept, whether it is by doing something you love or just doing anything…

I don’t think at all that it is difficult to get others involved in what you love if you think positive. I would rather personally have the whole world involved in what I love, it would just be soooo exciting to share and feel the same feeling as plenty of others: there is so much room in what we love.

“3. It’s a hobby, not a job. Sadly, you can’t be paid for everything. What you love may not be lucrative. Instead find something you like that pays.”

Nope, a hobby can become the best job ever. What we love may not be lucrative at the beginning, but again here’s passion plays its role… Up to you to make it lucrative the best way, you might be very creative here since it is what you love. Remember there are lots of businesses that we wouldn’t think being so lucrative a couple of years ago…

If I follow the overall statement, the conclusion would be: “Do what you don’t love”. Do you really believe that you would be successful that way?

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