Classic marketing is dead

Classic marketing is just courtesy, in other words it is dead.

  • All the classic marketing tools do not apply to the online world and must be adapted.
  • All the classic marketing outputs (printed material) are slowly disappearing because of costs, obsolescence and the always shorter life cycle (how long can you use a brochure or flyer until it becomes obsolete?).
  • All the classic marketing strategies must also be revised, or better re-invented upon the latest technologies and trends. As simply as that: you cannot reach your audience today with any of the classic marketing strategies.
  • Market research and analysis must be redefined upon new trends and technologies. Yesterday, your audience was acting and reacting upon habits that are no more actual today. Therefore your today audience might be essentially different from the yesterday’s one.


  • Advertising agencies must revolutionize their work in order to remain on the market
  • PR agencies must prove their effectiveness across borders if they want to survive, because today everyone can play the writer at no cost

But also your website!

If you designed our website 2 years ago, it is fully obsolete today if you miss the point to integrate any of the communication tools. In other words, your website today should look like an online magazine designed for your audience.

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