I don’t like landing pages!

A landing page is by definition a page where your visitors arrive after clicking on a link. It can be your home page or any other page specifically designed for a campaign. Today, most of marketeers agree to say that to make a landing page work, you should provide a customized sales pitch for your targeted visitors. And the best way to do that is to generate a single unique page that delivers your dedicated message so that:

  1. You have a captive audience, you keep your visitors focused, you build trust with them and send them straight to the lead capture form.
  2. You can control where the visitors are coming from through a specific transaction such as sales, registrations, etc.
  3. Your chances of engaging the visitors goes up, as well as your conversion rate.

From there, I can read millions of blogs stating that a high conversion rate is almost guaranted, assuming you follow the “well crafted” single landing pages’ rules…

But here I say NO!

It might be indeed that visitors are inclined to buy from a single well-written page about a well-known product referring to a sales promotion, but in B2B, I doubt this will be working!

A single page doesn’t sell

I definitively agree to the fact that the visitor who sees a link that matches to his inquiry does click on that link and expects a page that refers to his specific inquiry. If the page is too vague or if he has to look around for information, he will definitively leave the page. Having said that, if he clicks on a link that goes to a well-crafted page and the only step further on that page is a form to register for anything, do you think he will buy in from there?

A B2B sales process takes months… A single well-crafted page doesn’t sell at all. Once the visitor has read the page, the next step is to read about the company that delivers this product or service and to read about references. So where and how can he find this type of information from this single page? A product or service has first to be credible, no-one can trust a single product or service without knowing about its background!

Now, if the visitor has to get out of this page over the web, on his own, to find some essential information (product/service background, references), you will then lose this visitor and lose your tracking. Even worse, personally as a visitor I am fairly annoyed by any obvious sales pitch page today and I like to judge a service/product not upon a single page with a sales promotion but upon a validated consolidated information.

In other words, a single landing page is like removing one page from a brochure and trying to sell with this one page.

Back up your offer!

Now, create within your website a well-crafted dedicated page for your product/service or specific campaign and send out the direct link. You will capture your targeted audience the same way, but from there, your audience will easily back up your offer by reading further about your company and references. Then set-up the tool to invite the audience to send their details on this specific page.

Don’t lose your visitor for ever!

It might be as well that your visitor first thinks from a dedicated direct link that he might be interested in but after reading the single page then thinks that it is not what he was looking for. By providing a single page, you take the risk to definitively lose this visitor because he will have nowhere else to look at, just one single proposal. Here instead, if your visitor is directed to a page of no interest within your website, you’ll still have a second chance to attrack him on another page of your website, and who knows, he might buy in for another product/service.

No brand building?

A single landing page runs against all your brand building efforts. At the end of the day, you want your brand to be remembered and strongly recognised. Build a campaign on a single landing page and you will lose the effects of the long-term image built on your website.

Dedicated pages should not die

Life of the single landing pages is also an issue. Did you think about the visitors that say no at first reading for any reason but then have an interest a couple of weeks later and want to retrieve this single page? If this page is part of your website, you’ll get this visitor back.

A customized link too

As for the direct talkative link for the page you want to drive visitors to, you can today very easily use most of your short link vendors who also offer the service not only to shorten your link but also to customize it. Here again, no need to create a single landing page for a direct customized link.

Add dedicated pages to your website, multiply your chances to capture your visitors and build your brand awareness at the same time.

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