Twitter: the 3 basic strategies

Your Twitter account: Did you think of the basics?

Having seen millions of twitter accounts until now and of course those from my dear friends and followers, I’d like to give you here some basic advices to help you be part of the Twitter game.

  1. Your avatar: Twitter allows you freedom and creativity here, only the given size is quite small. So you have several possibilities:
    • Yourself: unless the pic is good and friendly and clear enough to be seen in a small size, I would avoid it. It has to be an eye-catcher, otherwise you’re not going to be seen at first place when people use search tools and go through huge lists.
    • Your company logo: unless it is a well-known company, again I don’t think you’re gonna attrack people with something unknown, small text, etc. Make your logo smaller, use one letter for example. Remember, you can always place your company logo on your twitter page as a design.
    • A picture of anything, an eye-catcher, a simple, easy to remember graphic, or also a play with colors. I wouldn’t even necessarily relate the picture to your business…
  2. Your bio: How many people just put anything here as a text at first place, even worse, sometimes nothing at all… Although the most important thing people are going to read from you, are those few characters. Rethink it, make it appealing, clear and go to the point. Think of keywords to speak to your target audience.
  3. Thank-you: Don’t forget to thank each follower with a direct message and use this direct message to advertise yourself again with a link and a few personal words. This “thank-you” message is yet another chance given to you to talk to this follower.

Happy following!


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