Time to get rid of your traditional website

Just disappointed those days to visit different websites, even more when these websites are conceived by marketers marketing them as innovative people, but the websites they own do just expose facts in a very boring way. Just contradictory with themselves indeed when they don’t even offer the visitor a way to communicate with them, invite them to easily ask questions or just call.

Today, we have so many brilliant communication tools to make your website lively and very different from others. And most of those tools are free. Today, we can share a lot of content and opinion with your target market and position yourself that way as a valuable person/company to follow. Just make your website new with content and update this content as often as possible, you’ll be amazed to see how many people will come, read, stay there for more than 30 seconds and will come again!

The websites from yesterday were like printed business cards you hold in your hand once and then put it away in a box somewhere and never see that again. You just forget about it. It is so easy today to change the layout or write content and get your target audience to engage. Just put yourself in your target audience shoes and consider what would be interesting for them/you to discover and read, and update the content of your website accordingly.

Finally, traditional websites were supposed to provide an actual content on everything, so please just start with rule #1 and be up-to-date with what you sell. Last for the marketers: avoid telling the world you’re the king of communication if nobody can communicate with you through your website and/or you don’t even refer Facebook or Twitter which are the basics.


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